Why should I be treated in DentGroup?

The Biggest Dental Clinic in Turkey

DentGroup promises high quality dental treatment along with exclusice privileges for international patients.


Transfer Service for Airport-Hotel-Clinic

Istanbul is a huge metropolitan city but you do not have to think about arriving to your dental appointment on time since we will be responsible for your transfers between airport-hotel and clinic. Plus, your transfers will be completely free!


Exclusive Accommodation Rates

DentGroup patients can stay at the hotels in central locations for very exclusive rates. Upon your request, DentGroup International health tourism staff can book your room in your name and send you the letter of confirmation.


5 Year Warranty

DentGroup provides a 5 year warranty for dental treatments performed in DentGroup clinics.


Dental Specialists

In DentGroup Clinics, each treatment is performed by the dentist specialised in their field of dentistry. For instance, dental implants are placed by Oral Surgeons whereas Root Canal Treatments are done by Endodontists.



DentGroup is the only biggest dental clinic in Turkey that established its own digital dental laboratory. All dental restorations are designed in 3-D software and fabricated by the highest quality dental devices from fully organic and bio-compatible materials.


6 Customised Treatment Plan

After we receive the photos of your teeth and dental x-rays, DentGroup dentists will carefully assess your case and a treatment plan file will be prepared. Total cost of the treatment, the clinic and the doctors that will take care of you, appointment details and accommodation rates of DentGroup partner hotels will be stated on the treatment plan.