Dr. İpek Öreroğlu



Dr. İpek Öreroğlu was born in 19 November 1983. She went to Nazilli Anatolian High School between the years 1992 - 1996. She studied in İzmir Turkish College Science High School and Dalaman High School. In 2004, she was graduated from Istanbul University, faculty of dentistry. She doctorated in Department of Endodontics within the same university in 2012. Her research mainly focuses on canal retreatments, canal treatments of the teeth with periapical lesion/periapical cyst, extracting a broken piece from the root canal, usage of ultrasonic system, inlay-onlay restorations and CEREC system. She works at DentGroup Maslak and she has membership in Turkish Dental Association (TDA), Turkish Endodontics Association (TEA), European Society of Endodontology (ESE), and Turkish Academic of Esthetic Dentistry.