Joanne K 08.04.2017

I have 3 implants. It was painless. I am very satisfied to DentGroup International. I am very happy to refer this clinic in Switzerland.

Nicolette Said 15.03.2017

It is a pleasure to walk into a clean, professional & welcoming DentGroup. I never had to wait for my appointments.

Arshad G 02.02.2017

Very good, love the clinic and the city. Overall it was a good experience.

Andreas M. 23.01.2017

Professional work. Clean and Modern. I had from beginning a good impression.

Bethany D. 10.01.2017

10/10 I am so happy with my new smile - it is perfect :) from start to finish. I was taken care for with outstanding care and the results speak for themselves. Would recommend highly to anyone who wants a smile to be proud of.

Turgut E. 23.12.2016

There is nothing to describe. It was amazing!

Hajar B. 19.12.2016

I received very nice treatment

Eşref T. 12.12.2016

Before I was here I couldn't imagine about my laminate veneers but the professional Doctor (Dr.Imren) makes perfect and magical!! I am serious - I'm very happy and I can smile now :)

Syzanna A. 10.12.2016


Daniel M. 25.11.2016

Excellent. The clinic looked after me all the time and made me feel comfortable since the beginning.

Steve S. 19.11.2016

Very caring and professional

Lilliane M. 22.10.2016

I liked how they are speaking with the patient, very nice, open and friendly. Thank you again for your professionality.

Raquel F. 14.10.2016

It was so good experience.

Azmi K. 11.10.2016

Over all at staff and doctors and good place to have treatment.

Osman S. 07.10.2016

Painless and very worthwhile, will be coming back for 6 months review and bringing my daughter for 2 fronth teeth veneers

Eli S. 07.10.2016

Very good and professional

Özer Ü. 30.09.2016

Very satisfied. Completely worth the long trip.

Karem I. 29.09.2016

Finding DentGroup Maslak was the best thing I've did
I had some fillings and some dental implants
Definitely I'm going back to finish what I started and I'm doing more to get me smile back
And I'm going there whenever i need
It can't be better than what i got
Professionality, hospitality, real care and everything that make them the best dental care I've ever go through
I will certainly go back finish my implementations and whenever i need a dentist I'll be there
Thanks to all the friendly staff in there, they were very helpful ( they were with me on each step, back to my house ensuring that i will find a pharmacist at that late time and get me my pills by themselves not letting me leave the VIP car until i was in front of my home )
Dr.Sinem & Dr. Shirin are just so lovely friendly and caring.

Alev M. 28.09.2016

Very pleasant. Great customer service, i felt very welcomed. Will be back, hopefully in the future.

Susan B. 09.09.2016

Amazing and looking forward to the finishing touch!

Sami A. 08.09.2016

I'm very happy. I will use the service again.

Sammy D. 08.09.2016

DentGroup was very good and professional

Annah A. 01.08.2016

My experience was excellent, very good staff. On time with every treatment and stat of the art work. They arranged every thing from transportation, to any kind of help. Thank you DentGroup i will recommend them to all my friend.

James W. 30.07.2016

Very professional, very impressed with the dentist. Very much attention to detail. Would recommend to others.

Marion A. 15.06.2016

I had 14 teeth removed, full upper dentures & partial lower dentures made & fitted. also my remaining teeth were cleaned & whitened.
The staff, from the moment I contacted them, they have superb. They booked my hotel for me, picked me up & dropped me of at the airport. They also picked me up & took me back to my hotel for every appointment. They are all very helpful & pleasant. I would recommend the DentGroup to everyone who is looking the best dental treatment. Their prices are very good. Excellent value.

Eva C. 03.06.2016

Had a very excellent service! Most friendly staff. Very happy with my new teeth. I will definitely recommend to my friends & family.

Talat R. 27.05.2016

Excellent! Amazing bunch of doctors % staff. Took care of us from start to finish. I cannot praise them highly enough. Brilliant!

Shah N. 07.05.2016

Amazing and great.

Bernadine G. 28.04.2016

I am currently living in Istanbul as an expat wife . I attend the Dent Group clinic in Maslak for implant surgery . My surgery was handled professionally and the doctor that saw me was excellant. He was patient , kind and professional. My treatment was done in about 20 minutes and I was totally surprised with minimal discomfort and little pain. I would highly recommend anyone doing implant surgery to consider this clinic. I also used them for my daughters braces whos 13th and that too was handled by the Dr who was very kind and patient and explained everthing in detail. The final act of kindness was the driver that took me to the pharmacy for my meds . He helped me out of the vehicle and ordered my meds then explained all to me with translator from phone . He was so supportive and caring when he dropped me at hotel.The entire team there are very friendly and professional . Thank you DentGroup. I am very pleased to have choosen you

Maryam M. 20.04.2016

My sister and I had Porcelain Veneers and Teeth Whitening. They booked our hotel, arranged our transfer from airport and the hotel as well. DentGroup is the best. Very friendly, very helpful staff. I loved the treatment.
Me and my sister are very grateful, we have got the result we were looking for. Dentists are very good at what they are doing. They take their time, they do not rush and they speak good English. The place is very clean too like a medical center should be.

Darren J. 20.04.2016

Very good.

James K. 19.04.2016

Communication was very good and before I picked DentGroup, everything was explained well and clear to me. I was very comfortable and I was made sure I felt no pain. I had no pain afterwards. Everything about DentGroup is genuine. They stick to the quote they provided before I travel and when something extra was necessary for my treatment, they didn't charge me. I definitely recommend DentGroup for everyone.

Shane H. 15.04.2016


Christoph W. 13.04.2016

Very good!

Anna M. 11.04.2016

Very good. Everyone is very professional and friendly. All questions I had were answered in a manner I understood in English.

Hana A. 18.03.2016

It was great service, people are nice and I feel good after coming here. Thank you so much!

Michael O. 11.03.2016

Very good!

Wayne B. 01.03.2016

Friendly, painless, effective and great value.

Jurate A. 24.02.2016

In general, everybody was working like a team. Had many dental treatment experiences before but very surprised with DentGroup. All treatments were very gentle, fast and no misunderstandings. I can recommend anyone.

Hamouche S. 23.02.2016

It was very good. Nice and professional.

Farah N. 15.02.2016

It is really good place and well organised.

Valeria N. 13.02.2016

I liked it very much. Very nice doctor and service.

Courtney P. 06.02.2016

Everyone was very helpful, thanks!

Roslyn D. 27.01.2016

Professional and caring. Offered options with good explanations.

Naima M. 27.01.2016

Had a great time with the staff.

Samuel A. 12.01.2016

It was a great experience.

Gary C. 07.01.2016


Eloise S. 06.01.2016

Very good experience. All staff are very helpful and friendly. All treatments have been explained very well in English and very organised.

John F. 21.12.2015

Happy with the treatment. No complaints.

Lyibov & Viktoria T. 17.12.2015

It is very pleasant. Doctors, especially Seçil, such a good dentist. All staff are positive and doing their job so good.

Michael B. 07.12.2015

Excellent. My new dentist!

Shari Y. 05.12.2015

Excellent. The staff are friendly & professional. I have been impressed with the incredibly high quality of treatments, sensitivity & thoroughness of the dentist. Everything have been clearly explained and I have felt at very safe and professional hands. Outstanding!

Bolaji O. 27.11.2015

Very nice.

Susan & Paul O. 23.11.2015

Really pleasant, relaxing, friendly and well looked after. Pleased with the work.

Gerry C. 21.11.2015

Very friendly and professional. Thanks to my new porcelain veneers, I look like 10 years younger.

Ann-Marie R. 14.11.2015

Very friendly and very experienced team.

Yıltan K. 07.11.2015

Very caring, very professional also helpful. I am very happy with every visit.

Sharon İ. 28.10.2015

Excellent. Quiet and soothing welcome. No pain and lots of reassurance. Plenty of explanation and very professional. Very clean and modern environment.

Willy B. 27.10.2015

My porcelains look amazing. Outstanding service.

Bashir U. 23.10.2015

Perfect, everything is good and top standard. I really enjoyed the services.

Bello M. 23.10.2015

It's been an amazing experience. Doctors have given me good and excellent care and indeed it is worth the treatment.

Gerd A. 31.08.2015

Very nice dentist, professional and calm. I am happy to find this place. Special thanks to my doctor Imren!

Johnny B. 01.07.2015

Exceptional service. Very professional. Everyone from the receptionist, staff and the doctor were top notch. I will be visiting DentGroup Again. Thank you.