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What is Pedodontics?

"Pedodontics" is a word derives from Latin and it means "teeth of children". In dentistry, pedodontics branch deals with the process of preserving and treating primary and permanent teeth of children. This process starts from the birth of the child and involves eruption of milk and permanent teeth  and continues until the ages 12-13.

Who is Pedodontist?

Dentists who graduate from Faculty of Dentistry and advances their training in Department of Pedodontics are called Pedodontists.

What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do?

  • Prevents "dental fobia" and make the dental treatment look like an enjoyable game for the child.
  • Determines risk group of the decay and applies dental sealants to the kid.
  • Organizes dietary habit of the kid.
  • Ensures progress of the child's jaw and teeth development is in order.
  • Performs preserving orthodontic treatments.
  • Fulfils dental treatment of the children who require special attention.
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