1 Meeting  and Sharing

Meeting and Sharing

Click the "Get an Offer NOW" contact form on the page and tell us what treatment you would like to receive. Send some photos of your teeth and dental x-rays. We will be contacting you with a treatment plan.

2 Planning and Proposal

Planning and Proposal

The day following your application, we will prepare the best possible treatment plan for you and tell you about the estimated cost and duration of the treatment.

3 Travel Planning

Travel Planning

We may help you with economic flight and hotel options if you like. Some of the hotels nearby to the clinics offer special accommodation deals for DentGroup patients.

4 Welcome and Transfer

Welcome and Transfer

According to the flight plans we will welcome you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel. All transportation needs for the appointments will be met by DentGroup VIP vehicle, completely free of charge.

5 Treatment Time

Treatment Time

We will do all your treatments according to the plan.

6 Free Time

Free Time

In the time between your treatments you will have a chance to explore the beauties of Istanbul. We will be happy to give you information about the best possibilities.

7 Last Control

Last Control

After everything is finished, we will do a last check up and make sure that everything is perfect according to DentGroup Standards.

8 Journey Up

Journey Up

After making sure that everything is perfect, we will take you to the airport with DentGroup VIP vehicle.

9 Routine Controls and Care

Routine Controls and Care

Once every 6 months, you must do your dental check-ups and cleaning. We will be glad to do these in DentGroup Clinics but you may also do the routine procedures in a local dental clinic as well.

10 5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty

All of our treatments are under 5 year warranty in DentGroup as long as 6 months routine controls and dental cleaning is maintained either here or in your own country.