About Us

DentGroup Brand Manifesto

As DentGroup, we are not an ordinary chain of dental clinics.

In a sector quite functional, we refuse to be one of many that increasingly look like one another.

We represent the “new generation dentistry”.

We’ve set out to become the world’s one of the most successful chain of dental clinics.

Our primary goal is to make a difference in our patients’ lives and change the whole sector forever.

We help kids, teens, adults and seniors smile to life with confidence, empowering them to change their world. We know… how a tiny touch on a single tooth can lead to a huge smile and how a smile can unleash one’s full potential to change his or her life; be it a new job, a new girlfriend, a long deserved promotion or a role in a school play…

Every single day,

This is the mentality we come to work with.

This is exactly why we sit in our units with so much passion and motivation.

This is why we’re different,

and, why we’re the changing face of our sector.

Because, we’re not only treating our patients’ teeth, we’re also touching their lives for the better.


DentGroup was established with the mission of “New Generation Dentistry” in Istanbul, 2006. DentGroup has initialized institutionalisation and branching processes in 2012. DentGroup believes dentistry for children is a whole another service, thereby created the brand of “DentGroup Kids” and introduced the concept of dental clinics specifically for children between 0 – 12 years of age.

In dentistry industry, DentGroup has become a pioneer by establishing its own Research & Development, Human Resources, Communications, Marketing and Advertisement, Health Tourism, International Marketing, Medical Procurement, Administrative Affairs and Accounting departments under General Management with its own Headquarters office.

DentGroup has identified the sector’s and its own needs as a brand by adopting the perception of “Digital Dentistry” and created its own software called “DentSoft” which is Turkey’s first web based software containing CRM-ERP features. By integrating its corporate webpages with the software, it moved all appointment and archive system to digital environment. In 2015, DentGroup was founded a digital dental laboratory named “DentLab” and has materialized digital design process in dental manufacturing.

DentGroup’s own magazine “DG World”, personnel training platform “Dent Academy” and “Dent FM” which broadcasts online, DentGroup pays a lot attention to preserve the same service standards in each of the clinics and providing all treatment and process content to the patients thanks to its mobile application “DentApp”.

Within the scope of a social responsibility project, DentGroup supports the foundation of “Children of Hope” by making dental treatments of many teenagers with no charge. In 2017, DentGroup became the oral and dental health sponsor of Eczacıbaşı Sport Club and Eczacıbaşı VitrA Women Volleyball Team.

DentGroup has been continuing its works to become “The World’s the best and the largest chain of dental clinics brand” with its clinics and its partner clinics in many locations in Europe such as London, Cologne and Berlin.